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The Premise

  1. You are part of a traveling troupe of actors who make a living putting on plays and improvisational performances for the enjoyment and edification of the masses. Unfortunately, you’ve been struggling with finances as of late. The people just don’t seem to appreciate the theatre like they used to.  
  2. Mere hours before the scheduled performance, the proprietor of the venue informs you that a Very Important Person is likely to be in attendance and has specifically requested an “interpretation” of The Life, Death, and Apotheosis of Bastard Jim. While not one of you is a stranger to Bastard Jim (what thespian worth their salt wasn’t raised on this grand tradition), it isn’t exactly your troupe’s specialty. You have a set amount of time to put the performance together and put it on in front of a live audience.

The Rules

  • The game is essentially split into two primary phases: the preparation phase (which is, in many ways, the meat and potatoes of this LARP) and the performance phase. Set a specific time for your performance to begin and allocate a specific period of time to both the preparation process and the show itself. Optionally, you can also make allowances for a prologue, wherein the characters and the situation are introduced, and an epilogue, which can take on the form of a celebration, a tense backstage meltdown, or simply the process of packing it in and moving on.
  • Do your best to act out the premise and stay in character.
  • Pick a cool name for your troupe. This is key.
  • Be safe and respect each other.
  • If someone is uncomfortable, take a time-out and help them.
  • Your performance must be a breathtaking spiritual experience for all involved. Just get that done. What are you waiting for? Make the heavens weep!

Note: This game was designed for the Golden Cobra Challenge. If you are interested in what I do, please consider purchasing one of my commercial products, tipping me, or supporting me on patreon (patreon.com/feedthealeks).


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