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At the crossroads, dark and low,
Where city breaks against the field, 
A Lantern glows and doesn’t glow. 
And there, beneath, they pray, they kneel, 
The ramblers, saints, and devils, all, 
Their hearts, and eyes, and hands aflame. 
The one who soars is like to fall, 
But takes what’s given all the same. 

- excerpt from an ancient folk song

"At The Crossroads, Dark And Low" is a tabletop roleplaying and storytelling game of cloaks, daggers, and, lest we forget, unspeakable powers granted to a select few by a mysterious, seemingly amoral entity for reasons unknown. 

Mechanically speaking, it is a fairly heavy hack of "Errant," another Cloud Monster Press product designed by yours truly. "At The Crossroads, Dark And Low" inverts its progenitor's core resolution mechanic and turns it to darker and stranger purposes. It is a game about competent, driven people possessed of incredible supernatural gifts. It is, more importantly, about how they choose to apply those gifts and the consequences, complications, and implications that follow their actions.


  • Comparatively rules light system focused on narrative. The core resolution mechanic is not about success or failure but, rather, narrative control.

  • A loose and weird cosmological framework.

  • A simple, narrative-centric approach to Unspeakable (and Speakable) Powers. Players can manipulate Mind, Matter, Time, and Space to their hearts' content, but power this great comes with costs, risks, and, if you're so inclined, responsibilities.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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