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HAH! I am now god (I think)!

What is the format because i like it (or did you change the stylesheet?)

Thanks. I changed the stylesheet. I think the format is just sugarcube? 

what is the text called because i like it


Hey. Sorry for the delay. The font is called VT323, I think. If I remember correctly, it's a google font, so it should be freely available. 

thanks yous

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Also see my twine story (not finshed tho)

This is a work of art. The writing is amazing. I got chills.

Thank you. I really appreciate that.


I'm stuck at the three digit combo. I believe the answer has something to do with the numbers depicted in the paintings, but I really don't know.

This is a

  • Calming,
  • Relaxing,
  • Exciting