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Errant is a tabletop / pen­-and­-paper storytelling and roleplaying game about quixotic, self­styled heros and their quixotic adventures and / or misadventures in a world where their gallant labors may or may not actually be needed or appreciated. It usually takes two or more players (one of whom will take on the role of Game Master), some paper, writing utensils, and a handful of six sided dice (or a digital die roller) to play.

Merriam­Webster defines quixotic as follows: "foolishly impractical, especially in the persuit of ideals; especially: marked by rash lofty ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action." The word itself derives from a popular piece of 17th century Spanish literature, the title of which translates to "The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha," written by Miguel de Cervantes. While Errant owes that storied and influential tome a hefty debt of gratitude, it does not seek to simulate it in any direct fashion. Errant is not really "Don Quixote, the roleplaying game" as much as it is a quixotic, light­hearted take on sword, sorcery, and adventure stories. Ultimately, it focuses on the surface elements of the "self­appointed hero" trope and leaves the depth and social commentary up to the discretion of players and GMs.

Errant allows for a world in which "actual magic" is possible (if a GM wants to avoid magic, they can simply disallow the Arcana Quality at character creation), and makes no explicit assumptions about illusions, delusions, or the mental health of its heroes (ableism is bad, actually, so tread lightly). Whether they are tilting at windmills or at actual giants, said heroes may be prone to accidents, incidents, and misunderstandings. They may be flawed in a variety of ways. But they are, ultimately, motivated by a thirst for justice, adventure, and/or the pursuit of what they perceive as noble ideals.


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