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Parable of the Pit is a decidedly un-heoric “survival horror dungeon crawler” in which the players take on the roles of ordinary people trying to survive and escape an extraordinarily unfriendly place. It aims to emphasize risk-reward, resource management, and creative problem solving.

The Ashcan Release contains everything you need to play and run the game. It is mainly an ashcan because I may add art and optional appendices in the future (additional Warden/GM resources, for example), and because I may yet adjust a few things here and there based on feedback, if I receive any. I may also periodically go back to the document and fix any typographical errors or inconsistencies that I hadn't managed to find the first few times around. 

A fairly functional character sheet is available for free download (see below under "Demo"). 

I view the price to be the bottom of a sliding scale. If you can't quite afford the base cost (no judgments, neither can I), please let me know and I can send you the PDF. I trust that the good folks that make up the indie tabletop gaming community will be fair to me and I have no reason to expect that someone will take undue advantage of the aforementioned offer. I want my games to be as accessible as possible, even if they are, ultimately, a bit obscure and hard to find. 

Note: Parable of the Pit is a Powered by the Apocalypse game, which is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the excellent Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker). 


Get this tabletop rpg and 11 more for $25.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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