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What is S.E.E.

The Cloud Monster Press Society of Esteemed Explorers is intended as an ongoing series of smallish, rules / system agnostic tabletop roleplaying mini-modules for game masters (GMs) of every stripe. It is set to focus on dungeons, adventures, and fantastical places of all descriptions.  For the foreseeable future, each “issue” of S.E.E. will offer up one open ended, system-agnostic location and / or scenario for a GM to run, customize, and mine for ideas as they see fit. They are designed to be full of possibility and light on prescriptive detail. Ultimately, it is up to the GM to decide whether the Children of Fortune are friendly, neutral, or utterly monstrous, whether a grove of trees is just a grove of trees or a portal to another plane of existence, and what, exactly, is kept behind those heavy, locked doors. 

The Fortress Awaits

In this, the inaugural issue of S.E.E., you will find the entrance to The Crag, a system of caverns that has been converted into a veritable fortress by the Children of Fortune, an enigmatic and highly organized group of bandits, mercenaries, or cultists (you decide). Contend with venomous insects, discover chambers full of bio-luminescent petroglyphs, probe into the depths of the mysterious group itself, and witness the remnants of a heretofore undiscovered ancient civilization!

The purchase includes a PDF as well as a ZIP file containing several versions of the map, in PNG and SVG formats. Of course, the map is, in fact, included in the PDF itself, so the PNG and SVG files are just there in case you want to look at or print a higher quality version or make some modifications of your own. 


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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