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"Even in Arcadia, There I Am" is a short, experimental game about memory, escape, and whatever else you happen to think it's about. Maybe death? That would be deep, right? There is no win state, and there are no puzzles, but there is one "link" to another world (this was submitted to Mystjam, after all). It shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Anyway, you can move around using the WASD keys, look around with the mouse, interact with objects using the left mouse key, and zoom in with the right mouse key. You can bring up the menu with the Escape key. Pretty standard stuff :).

"Even in Arcadia, There I Am" was written and built by yours truly, Aleks Samoylov. Most of the art and models, except as indicated below, under Additional Credits, were crafted by me as well. If you like this piece, and my other work, consider becoming a patron and supporting the creation of more and better interactive art, for as little as a dollar per project! What a boon and bargain!

Additional Credits:

Sound Effects:

"Eerie Toll" by Cosmicembers
"Suburban Summer Night" by Rodincoil


"The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III" by Chris Zabriskie


Keyboard & mouse models by Sohlier

All of the above assets were used under the Creative Commons Attribution License v3.0.


Enochian by Digital Type Foundry (Freeware, Non-Commercial License)
UglyQua by Manfred Klein (Manfred Klein License v1.0)
WC Mano Negra by WC Fonts (Creative Commons Attribution License - No Derivative Works v3.0)
Antonio by Vernon Adams (SIL Open Font License v1.10)
Belligerent Madness by Font Monkey (Font Monkey License v1.00)
Copystruct by Typografski (Freeware License v1.00)
Enigmatic by Objets Dart (Objets Dart License v1.00)


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EvenInArcadia_LinuxV1.zip 46 MB
EvenInArcadia_MacV1.zip 45 MB
EvenInArcadia_WindowsV1.zip 64 MB


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what are the controls 

WASD to walk around. Left click to interact with object. Right click to zoom in.
I think that's pretty much it.


I got this as part of the 'A Good Bundle'. Having arrived at the green-skied world, I'm not going any further. Nothing's wrong with the game, it's just that .... suddenly there was a special, dreamlike, and persistent emotion. A combination of the text, sound, space, and colour brought it to the fore. Thank-you for making a game that can do that!

Thank you so much for your comment. It made my day. I'm so glad that you got something valuable out of it!

Some really nice musings. Is there anything more happening in the "alternative world" beyond reading the four books and the inscription on the central tower? Can the tower be opened?


Thank you! Sadly, the inscriptions are pretty much it. You can return to the bedroom from the menu, and the game just ends whenever you feel like quitting out of it. I'll probably have a clearer "path" and clearer destination in any similar games I make in the future.

Yes, you should definitely do that. It's a really good 'skeleton' to add these melancholic idea(l)s.

This is a pretty cool thing you did here. This can literally be interpreted in so many ways. And that is why I love it. Well done, sir. :)

Thank you very much :). I really appreciate that!